Disposable cigarette filter tip, Select 25 effectively removes tar, nicotine & other
hazards from smoking without changing the taste of cigarettes.

  • Selelct 25 with flat-shaped mouthpiece makes a good mouth-feel.
  • Select 25 has a slip stopper which prevents Select 25 from slipping out of the mouth.

      Effects of the copper flange

  • The copper flange lowers the temperature of smoke, reduces stimulation to the tongue and prevents the tongue from getting rough.
  • The copper flange raises absorbing power of tar and nicotine and prevents the teeth from getting soiled.
  • One package contains 12 pcs. and one adaptor for slim & ultra slim cigarettes.

  • Each disposable cigarette filter tip is good for 7 – 10 cigarettes.
  • Disposable cigarette filter tip, Select 25 is made by an original
    disposable cigarette filter tips manufacturer in Japan.


  • Uchida Corporation supplies & exports
    cigarette filter tips, smoking filters, smoking pipes, smoking mini pipes and smoking accessories.